Thursday, March 1, 2007

There's nothing at the end of the rainbow

-In case you missed it, there's a new Hate Poll. I think Mark Millar might have met his match, in the Mighty Marvel Manner.

-Disappearing posts dept: Yesterday, at the Newsarama Blog, Wayne Beamer made a post critical of a short article on Wired's website giving 10 reasons why you should go see Ghost Rider. Beamer suggested that the writer of the article, Annalee Newitz, was of questionable integrity, perhaps even receiving financial compensation from Marvel. (To be fair, I though Beamer was joking about that last bit.) Then Brian Hibbs, who was familiar with Newitz' work, left a couple of comments defending her. Then the thing disappeared altogether. Here is where the original post was. (Having read the Wired article, I really wonder exactly how Beamer mistook the piece for a serious review. He seems to have a serious vendetta against Ghost Rider, perhaps because of his unyielding respect for the stunt cyclist industry. Disagree? Okay, then you try to explain it.)

But that's not all--the New Comics Weblog Update (brought to you by the civic-minded Tales From the Longbox) lists a post from Newsarama Blog called "No, He Doesn't Sound Bitter at All," with the time listed as 7:06 am. I'm not sure what time zone that refers to, but I was either still asleep or not quite ready to look at comics stuff on the internet when it was originally posted, and thus did not see the original. Following the link leads to the same "no posts match your criteria" message.

What is going on there?

-I'll give everyone another week, and then I'm going to start compiling a list of bloggers who keep spewing the same shit about Civil War, or circulate material by people who have nothing better to do than scan pages from Civil War and alter them in Photoshop. And I'll probably put them in a sidebar panel called "Wavers of the Bloody Shirt" or something. Kevin Church, please make a note of this. LET US HAVE PEACE. (That's another joke--two, actually. Again, if anyone gets these jokes, please let me know.)

-Serious content: Most of us have probably heard that Arnold Drake is dealing with a bout of pneumonia, but I didn't know Joe Sinnott recently had a heart attack until Mark Evanier mentioned it. If one were trying to determine the Greatest Inker of All Time, Sinnott would certainly merit consideration. I know I'm one of those people who thinks Kirby just didn't look like Kirby (if you know what I mean) until Sinnott started inking his pencils. I hope Mr. Sinnott feels better very soon.

-Oh good, Jog is back. I'm not saying I was going through withdrawal or anything, but his benevolent presence in an otherwise ruthless blogscape comforts me.


Anonymous said...

Wow, we're living in a police state now, aren't we?

Dick Hyacinth said...

I'm confused. Is that a Richard Thompson reference? If so, I don't get it. Is it a reference to today's historical riddle? If so, congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Love the historical jokes, good reference to Civil War.

Kevin is still....Kevin.

Make of it what you will.

Steve Ebbling

Dick Hyacinth said...

META: For those wondering where all the comments went, I deleted them. If the person who I was foolishly arguing with (don't worry, it's somebody most of you have never heard of) wants to continue the debate, might I suggest they do so at their own blog?

Ragnell said...

If the person who I was foolishly arguing with (don't worry, it's somebody most of you have never heard of) wants to continue the debate, might I suggest they do so at their own blog?

Why does that sound like a thinly veiled attempt to get a link at someone else's blog?

Benjamin Birdie said...

Sorry, Mr. Hyacinth. We win this round.

Shane Bailey said...

"don't worry, it's somebody most of you have never heard of"

I've heard of him and enjoy his blog. In fact, he'll be the subject of an interview on Meanwhile in the future.

Where else would you comment about something you said other than the comments section? Seems like fishing for a link to me too.

It's funny you got onto Blog@ in this very post for doing basically the same thing you're doing in your own comments section.

Dick Hyacinth said...

I just didn't like the way I participated in the conversation, and I'm definitely not looking for a link in his blog, which I really was only kind of aware of before he came here (I think I had read his recent entry on the Avengers--the band, not the comic). Plus I'm pretty sure that most of his readers are either aware of this blog already or wouldn't be interested. I'm seriously, seriously not looking for him to plug my blog.

The reason I deleted his comments were more that I thought I responded like a jerk. He was basically here to attack me and, I suspect, plug his blog. I overreacted and later felt bad after reading his blog and deciding that he wasn't such a bad guy. In retrospect, I should have left his original comment up--I just didn't like the nature of his insult. I admit that I react badly to words like "whore."

So if he wants to come back here, lay down a similar (but hopefully less sexist) insult and plug his blog, he's welcome to do so. I encourage him to do so, in fact.

Dick Hyacinth said...

Mr. Birdie--yes, that comic has changed my mind entirely. Clearly what we need are more posts, comments, threads, articles, and sundry other things written about Civil War. That'll show 'em.

Oh wait--you're the one who's doing that strip? Do you really need to plug it here? I'm pretty sure your quasi-collaborator Kevin Church gets many, many more readers than I do.

Benjamin Birdie said...

Plugging it?

It served as a direct response to your post, and WE WON.

Dick Hyacinth said...

It's just a little unseemly, you know? Like, aren't creators supposed to be a bit more detached? Then again, I don't go to the Engine regularly, so maybe Warren Ellis occasionally cites his own work to end a debate.

Benjamin Birdie said...

Detatchment? Maybe if your comics are lousy. Mine rule. I've read the new Rack like twenty times already.

Dick Hyacinth said...

Oh, self-satisfaction. That I understand. I read my blog entries over and over, frequently shedding tears at their undeniably beauty and honesty.

So, then, should I take your webcomic as essentially a blog with pictures?

Dick Hyacinth said...

Well, the person in question has had his say at his blog. Rather than leave myself open to charges of crass self-promotion by leaving a comment there, I'll say it here instead: No hard feelings, and good luck with your blog. I'm still glad I removed my comments, FWIW.

And as far as I'm concerned, that's the last word on the topic.