Monday, March 5, 2007

Hate Poll: Quesada vs. Didio

Last week Quesada dominated Millar, who had been on quite the tear himself. This week he faces his counterpart at the Distinguished Competition (yes, I am channeling a mid-80s Marvel letter column).

The case against Joe Quesada: Presumably had some part in the decision to release three miniseries in conjunction with World War Hulk; enabler of chronically late writers and artists; seems like the type of guy who talks with his mouth full.

The case against Dan Didio: Presumably had some part in the (fictional) deaths of several whimsical intellectual properties; an even more egregious enabler of late writers and artists; almost certainly gets soup in his mustache.

You can vote until 1 pm EST/10 am PST, by which time word will be spreading about this week's new comics, out of which will hopefully emerge a new candidate for this poll. Justice League, Captain America, and Mighty Avengers all ship this week, after all. (Okay, I'm just bluffing re: Captain America; Brubaker ain't showing up here.)


gw said...

The way I saw it is that at least Quesada seems to enjoy comics. He had a 10+ or so year history working with them before getting his job. Didio on the other hand did like five issues of Superboy.

Pedro said...

Joe Quesdilla killed a bear with his hands. That bear was my father.