Monday, March 12, 2007

Hate Poll: Quesada vs. Levitz

Byrne and Quesada tied! Actually, one might pull ahead of the other by the time you read this, but that's only because I forgot to specify a closing date. As far as I'm concerned, the poll is over. So don't bother voting if you haven't done so yet! Vote in the new poll instead.

I'm going to let Quesada finish out his run here, assuming he can get past his last two challengers. I'll bring Byrne back next week; if he can beat four contenders, he'll get his rematch with Quesada. For the time being, though, we have another contender for Mr. Quesada:

(I know I'm being a bit loose with the definition of "barbarian," but I wanted to work in a reference to Solomon Kane.)

The case against Paul Levitz: Clearly the Ned Flanders of the comics industry; his recent run on JSA seems to have induced mass narcolepsy in large chunks of the east coast and midwest; probably was more interested in model kits than sex during his adolescence.

The case against Joe Quesada: Hard to pick out a single Simpsons analogue; his forthcoming run on some Spider-Man limited series likely won't finish shipping during the Bush administration; probably more interested in burning ants with a magnifying glass than assembling model kits during his adolescence (though he might have been really into the glue; I know I was).

Polls close at noon EDT, 9 am PDT on Wednesday.


Poll will be open for the same period as the current hate poll.


Julio said...

So do you think that if they made a Amalgam-like event using real world comic book creators, the master villain of that universe would be a combination of Quesada and Byrne then?

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

This is the battle that will separate the fanboys from the industry observers.

Whose side are you more opposed to?