Friday, March 16, 2007

Hate Poll follow-up

Okay, so Joe Quesada beat Dave Sim. He won only a plurality, meaning that Sim was a worthier opponent than, say, Paul Levitz. But in the end, I guess you folks just don't hate him as much as Quesada (or Byrne, for that matter).

Friends, I find this somewhat distressing. There are good reasons to vote for Quesada over Sim--I might not share these concerns, but I can understand them. But there are also very bad, somewhat distressing reasons to pick Sim over Quesada. So if you voted in the poll, please consider voting in this one as well:

For those wondering, Crazy Cat Lady narrowly edged Moe as the Simpsons character Sim most resembles. This one wasn't as popular as the last Simpsons Resemblance Poll. Do you folks want any more of these?


Jack Norris said...

What, no "I think Sim's views on these issues are loathsome and insane but I think he may be genuinely damaged/mentally ill and feel queasy about picking on someone in such a condition" or even "comparing his latter-day ravings with the memory of his pre-nutbar work just makes me sad more than it makes me angry?"
Or, perhaps some variation on "Quesada has a wider audience to negatively influence?"
Incidentally, I didn't vote in the hate poll, but did vote "crazy cat lady" in the Simpsons comparison poll.

Dick Hyacinth said...

I'm hearing a lot of support for "he's crazy," which I guess he's sort of admitted in the past. I'd say answer four ("Women's and/or gays' rights are important, but Sim's opinions on these matters are not") basically encapsulates this thought. I think Jones might be right in suggesting a "Who's Dave Sim?" option, but that would entail either editing the current poll (thus calling into question the nine votes currently submitted) or starting a new one (which would delay my cooking dinner).

MarkAndrew said...

Or the most recognizable name is always gonna win. There's probably a buncha people who don't know who Dave Sim is.

But I'd vote "Impressed by the quality of his cartooning, which overshadows his beliefs which I vehemently disagree with. Same deal as Steve Ditko."

Except I didn't vote. I have no hate in my heart for anyone involved in comics.

(Well, maybe a little bit for Peter David who was a dick to a friend of mine.)

Dan Coyle said...

How dare you compare Dave Sim to Moe Syzlak! At least Moe has some self-awareness!

Matt Brady said...

I agree with MarkAndrew, in that I have no real hate towards these people, but I think it's fun to feign strong emotions about guys dressed in tights. I voted for Quesada previously, and I had trouble deciding on this more recent poll between two answers: cartoonism over crackpottery and hate for his opinions but don't think they matter. I think I went with the former, but they're both valid. I think his opinions are truly nuts, but it's almost entertaining to read them and marvel at the level of insanity. Plus, I don't think he really influences people other than himself. And he's a great cartoonist, while I can't think of anything positive about Quesada other than that year or so of (mostly) good comics from Marvel after he took over, which lately I'm attributing more to Bill Jemas. So I guess I'm saying I voted for Quesada due to his greater level of influence on comics.

Jones, one of the Jones boys said...

I've actually warmed to Joe Quesada since I saw him name-check Alphonse Mucha recently. An unexpected touch of class from someone who otherwise comes across as hopelessly myopic about anything not created by Stan, Jack and Steve.

I still voted for him, tho', for all the good reasons Dick has been listing (fucking with my laundry, burning ants, etc.)