Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Interesting stuff happening--just not in comics

-I had written out a whole long deal about how Heidi McDonald misinterpreted my point about 70s comics, with point-by-point refutations and that kind of stuff, but I don't really feel like getting into an academic type of debate about Man-Thing. I was also going to write something about how the children of the 70s apparently are rather thin-skinned about all this stuff, but I decided that was uncharitable. Instead, I'll just say that I'm glad I gave all these venerable codgers something to rally around, an online micro-con. So please, my respected elders, feel free to use this blog as your virtual cracker barrel. Hobble on up to the porch, sit in the rocking chair, and tell us young punks about the wonders of Killraven or whatever it was you were talking about after I kind of quit reading the comments very closely. I only know these characters from The Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe: Dead and Forgotten Edition; I'm ready to learn.

-Non-comics related note to Ms. McDonald: Since you obviously follow the sport, are you excited about the potential UFC-Pride quasi-merger?

-Tom Spurgeon reports that IDW will start collecting Terry and the Pirates in a six volume series. Well, that should make Christmas shopping for my brother easier. Man, when did IDW decide to start publishing stuff I want to read, anyway?

-I guess I missed the big news out of the recent big convention (L.A. I think, right?): Extreme Mary Marvel. I think that's an Ed Benes drawing, but it could pass for Michael Turner. This is clearly the early leader for outrage of the week on the blogosphere. I'm trying to summon something asshole-ish to say about this reaction but...they're basically right. It's stupid and creepy, and, frankly, entirely too predictable coming from DC (which might indicate there's some crazy twist coming; but then again maybe the crazy twist is that there is no twist). I'm starting to wonder if Countdown might elicit bilious denunciations on the level of Civil War after all. Oh goody. (If you want to spend the rest of your afternoon reading about Power Girl and Mary Marvel, here's a really long list of links that will facilitate your plans.)

-Is this a really sub-par week for new comics or what? And what the hell is Orson Scott Card's Wyrms, which is apparently already on its second issue?


Anonymous said...

There are none so blind as those who will not see, Dick. But if you're really ready to learn, first thing I would do if I were you is go back and read the replies to your "Pomegranate and cranberry bran muffins might sound good, but...." post. One doesn't have to be a venerable codger to recognize that the 1970s were an enormously fertile period in comics history.

MarkAndrew said...

Well, it was better than the original title.

"Orson Scott Card Shouldn't Have Eathen the Pork Lo Mein That's Been I n the Back of the Fridge for the Better Part of a Month."

Dick Hyacinth said...

Pretty good, Mark (Mr. Andrew? I try to maintain a certain degree of formality here).

Comixace said...

I dunno, I like the idea of Pride and UFC staying separate for now. Competition is good for every one.

Martin said...

I'd forgotten it was solicitation time already. Now we get to see everyone act like they are some kind of insider and ... freak out about a picture of Mary Marvel? I guess?

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