Monday, March 19, 2007

Have to wrap this up--need to get groceries

-Man, catching up with all the con-related news after a weekend of doing stuff other than reading con-related news is a stone cold drag, dude. I mean, the NY con had the momentum of Civil War to build on, it was the first of the recent string of fairly big conventions, and apparently 79% of all active bloggers live in the greater NYC area, and thus traveled to it and covered it in excruciating detail. (I mean really, NYCC sounded excruciating. I'm glad I don't live near NYC, thus obligating my attendance and subsequent bloggery on the subject).

Anyway, I guess Marvel cranked up the hype machine for the summer X-Men event. DC revealed that two failed 80s properties (Booster Gold and Infinity, Inc.) are back. I haven't heard much reaction to these announcements--Geoff Johns is co-writing Booster Gold, so I expect to hear a few dismemberment-oriented jokes soon (though I would personally steer more towards commenting on Johns' apparent fetish for time travel stories--perhaps this will get it out of his system, maybe just enough to prevent further Kingdom Come-ization?). One positive side effect of Johns on BG--it makes my prediction of a Johns/Daniel LSH a bit less likely. (Related: Mark Waid leaving LSH is news? I thought Barry Kitson said so in one of the other recent conventions. Informal poll: who's more likely to be a Marvel exclusive by the end of the year--Waid or Greg Rucka?)

Also: Peter Milligan is writing Infinity, Inc., making the relative silence on this issue a bit perplexing. I thought you people liked him? Or did his run on X-Men turn you off?

-Another piece of news to which you bloggers have not given enough attention: JH Williams is drawing an upcoming issue of Batman. The Seven Soldiers bookend team is reunited~!

-Courtesy Heidi McDonald: Jerry Beck hated the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie:

"I’m clearly not the intended audience for this. But who is? High School drop-outs on pot? I suspect there may be 7 year old out there who may think this is the funniest film they’ve ever seen. If so, I’d be worried about that 7-year-old."

Hipster nerds=adolescent users of recreational drugs. I think I already knew that. Really though, I sometimes wonder who the hardcore Adult Swim fan is these days. Most of the Williams Street stuff was pretty marginal to begin with, and the quality really took a nosedive about three or four years ago (it didn't help that repeated viewing made most of the series less tolerable). Few of the replacement shows have done much for me (I do watch Saul of the Mole Men because it's an interesting Croft pastiche, but it's not really funny; Venture Brothers is good, but that's kind of a given). I can't imagine trying to sit through a full-length ATHF movie, even if the concept was still fresh. The prospect terrifies me more than being forced to attend a comics convention.

-There's not much noise out there in the blogoverse right now. Civil War: The Confession seems to have died with basically a whimper. I guess after the Civil War #7 tantrum, and the Civil War: Frontline #11 aftershock tantrum, bloggers needed a little nap to get recharged for the next outrage. Are there any strong candidates this week?

52-Always a possibility, especially if the violence hasn't quite reached a crescendo.

Justice Society-It's written by Geoff Johns, so there's always the possibility of seemingly inappropriate blood letting (usually via full body cleavage). Bonus points for being an active meme.

Amazing Spider-Man-Very good possibility, especially if Aunt May says something stupid as she slips from this mortal coil, like "Peter, this is all Iron Man's fault. Avenge my death, Peter. Consider doing it while wearing...blaaaccckkkk." [SFX: flatlining heart monitor]

Ultimate Power-Greg Land is photoshopping drawing it, but I think this meme might have been ground into a fine, unpalatable paste by now.


Dan Coyle said...

I noticed Mark Waid, who still gets some very nice bookstore royatlty checks from Kingdom Come sales, is still bugged about the Internet thought of his run on LOSH. If I'm 45 years old and still worried about what the Internet thinks of me, please, God, I'm begging you, SHOOT ME.

Batiduende said...

I love Milligan like the British writer son who is older than me that I never had, but I think the problem is that he can't writer a straight superhero story. If his run in Infinity Inc. is more like his X-Force, or Deadgirl, or Shade or Enigma than X-Men or The further adventures of Cyclops and Jean Grey, then wonderful!

Either case, it is Milligan writing Infinity Inc. No matter if it's good Milligan or Meh Milligan, If it reaches issue 15, I'll be genuinely surprised.

Shane Bailey said...

I guess I could be a candadite, but I was just having fun.

Shane Bailey said...

And apparently I can't spell candidate. Anyway, I'm not to thrilled about either new DC series, and I'm a DC fan.

I think I'm more interested in seeing what the Legion turns into without Waid. I've enjoyed the Levitz era, and the pre and post Zero Hour eras of the series.

After a slow start I was starting to enjoy the new book, but the characters never really clicked for me like they had previously.

As for the 2 series. Booster could be good. I didn't think I would like the new Blue Beetle series, but I gave that a chance and I enjoy it now. As for Infinity Inc. If it's the team from 52 it doesn't thrill me at all. Milligan is hit and miss too. I hope we get the inspired Milligan from Shade The Changing Man, Skreemer, and X-Force/Statix and not the cashing the paycheck Milligan from X-men.