Monday, February 26, 2007

You hate Millar! But do you hate him more than...

The weekend poll is over, and here are the results:

So it's official--you guys really hate Mark Millar. Millar jumped out to an early lead, but by Saturday afternoon Geoff Johns had gained enough hate to make it a dead heat. But then Millar pulled away; I'm not sure if anyone voted for Johns in the last 48 hours.

Anyway, given the enthusiastic response to this poll, I decided to put up another one immediately. Millar's overwhelming victory meant that there was only one person who I would dare pit him against next:

The case against Mark Millar: People are still offended by the end of Wanted; he has inspired numerous "remixes" of Civil War; the pronunciation of his name is confusing.

The case against Brad Meltzer: People are still offended by the everything of Identity Crisis; his Justice League has inspired...well, nobody really; he might occasionally be mistaken for pro-wrestling expert/MMA pseudo-expert Dave Meltzer.

Poll will be open until Wednesday at 8 pm EST/5 pm PST. Plenty of time to think about which man is more likely to raise your blood pressure to a health-endangering level.

(PS: In retrospect I realize that the last choice might be a bit redundant in its wording, but I'm not about to set up a new poll just to make the language more elegant.)


Greg said...

Hey! I'm still offended by the end of Wanted! That being said, his Swamp Thing was pretty damned good. I must ruminate ...

Dave said...

I'm actually not so much offended by the ending of Wanted as by how it forms such a disappointing capstone to the utterly vile series that preceded it. I mean, it's hard to criticize Wanted when everything I find disappointing about it is utterly intentional, so I really won't try.

Taken on its own, out of the context of the long-delayed and incredibly anticlimactic final issue, I actually somewhat appreciate the writing and the idea behind the final speech of Wanted. I just think the execution aside from that was an utter failure.