Thursday, February 8, 2007

CSBG Watch and other things

-Greg Burgas has dared to post his thoughts on comics again! I haven't actually read them, nor do I plan to. I noticed his reaction to The Other Side was something along the lines of "ho-hum, another war comic." I disagree. Clearly Joe Rice is right about this guy. (Speaking of which: can't wait to see if Rice actually takes some of his criticism to heart and makes an effort to actually review books this week, rather than alternately insulting his readers and dropping criticism along the lines of "Wicked sweet! It's like reading a song by Avenged Sevenfold!")

-On the same blog: Brian Cronin continues to beat up Identity Crisis years after it actually wrapped up. When did that book come out? During the Carter administration? It's time to move on to more important things, like beating up Meltzer's Justice League. Live in the now!

-Can you imagine anything more depressing than listening to Peter David drone on about, uh, well, anything? If ever there has been a reason for online superhero fans to be ignored and marginalized, it's their continued support of Peter fucking David.

-On a much more positive note, I actually like this Chris Mautner fellow now writing for the Newsarama blog--mostly because he actually posts about things of interest to me, rather than linking to deadly serious debates about which display cases are the most appropriate for the Batcave. Checking out his blog right now.


Joe said...

And you wonder why I get cranky at CSBG . . .

Dick Hyacinth said...

1. I was being sarcastic (as were you, I suspect), though I really wish Cronin would get off the IC bashing. IC sucked, no doubt, but he's rubbing his finger in an unclosed wound. Let it fade into obscurity, and more people will remember it for what it really was--utter garbage.

2. Did you actually buy all those comics for your school children? If so, that's close to $200 you've shelled out. Actually, that's one of the nicest parts of CSBG--you and Hatcher both talk about your experiences trying to integrate comics into your teaching. Hopefully others are following your example.

Joe said...

1. Yeah, I know. Cronin's a good guy and IC was terrible, but I see no reason to still talk about it.

2. Yeah, I did. I'm rather fond of those kids and they're rather fond of the Big Red Cheese.

Dan Coyle said...

I think we can finally put IdC to rest when someone gets the stones to call Meltzer out on the book at a panel or signing. What I wouldn't give to be there if if ever happened.