Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lack of material delays posting

-From the main page of Newsarama--a look at the new characters from the re-launched Justice Society of America. Guess what? At least half of them seem to be from Kingdom Come! Oh boy! I've always thought the main thrust of DC's comics should be trying to make its vast apocrypha become "true" and "real," rather than creating good, accesible stories which take advantage of their rich library of culturally resonant characters. I blame Roy Thomas for all this, BTW.

Man, there is nothing going on in the blogging world today. So I'm reduced to trolling online fora.

-At Newsarama: Is Tim Drake Gay? Shockingly, some posters are actually playing along here, even after the OP ends with this gem:
ifhe does clone conner, and even finds a way to unite his soul with this new clone body, what would robin do, manly hug his friend and fallen ally, or drop to his knees and start dry humping connners leg. what do you think, in all honnesty i can see tim drake and conner being gay or at bisexual, nothing wrong that.

I saw at least one interesting response from a poster identifying himself as gay:
I like the idea of Tim as a potential ladies man. Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I want everyone else to be gay. And I hate the fact that boys/men can't even have a deep or special friendship nymore without somebody suspecting sexual undertones. I know, in the light of things, Tim's obession with Conner's death seems a bit much, but Conner was his one true friend, the one who stands by you and listens to you, even when other romantic relationships fail. Like a brother.
And then I saw this quality piece of trolling:

he's gay, brokeback gay, plain and simple. there is a difference between mourning and missing your friend and obsessing over a dead lover, this dudes obsessing heavily.
and as for the batman robin relationship. yeah their gay to.
two words" midnight mink

-Also at Newsarama, Alex Ross' Covers induce yawns, thus giving me some hope for the comics industry:

Anyone feel like Alex Ross is just mailing it in with these JSoA covers he's been doing? I mean every single one has the same dern black background, and it's just pose after pose after pose.

Which garners some agreement:
That's one of my problems there. They're "theme" covers. Something Ross can paint without ever having to deal with what's going on inside. They are more or less "inventory" covers. Ross can just do five or ten in a row, then get back to other projects.

And some disagreement:
Man, you grab any Internet comics nerd off the messageboards and have Jessica Alba give him a hummer, he'd still be complaining about something. ANYTHING
Having broached the topic of fellatio, the thread moves on to the next logical phase: debate over whether the covers help sell issues and if they help sell the comic to the average person walking into a comics shop.

-At Comic Bloc, this somewhat depressing thread about destroyed, misplaced, and stolen comics collections. Depressing partly in the "I can't help but speculate about how this emotional wound affected the development of these folks" sense. It also includes this baffling response:
Over 100 issues of Transformers comics on one garden fire.Cheers Dad !!!

"Garden fire?" I'm not seeing how a fire in the garden destroys a bunch of comics. Maybe it's a British expression with which I'm unfamilar.

Okay, that's about all I can take. Sorry if your message board of choice was not included.

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