Sunday, February 4, 2007


Main Entry: pot·pour·ri Pronunciation: "pO-pu-'rEFunction: noun.....

No, no, wait, COME BACK! It's a joke. Maybe I should catalogue every blog entry or article I read that starts that way. I'll do it if I remember.

Anyway, here's a few thoughts on things I've run across on the web this weekend:

-Honestly, I had already determined Koben Kelly was in the bottom 5% of online comics critics before I read this article. And it's not like I read Shotgun Reviews very often either, so he (she? I doubt it...) must have made quite an impression for me to even remember the name. The conclusions I draw from this: (1) There might be some tension between writers for the main site at Newsarama and the bloggers. Graeme McMillan is one of only a handful of bloggers whose appeal seems to reach all the echo chambers of the comics internet community. (I really need to think of a clever euphemism for that--I'm open to suggestions, as Chris Claremont would write. In every comic he ever wrote.) Is there some jealousy at Newsarama? (2) I've always wondered who buys all those really terrible looking, Image-inspired independent comics. Now I know.

-I read that Kevin Church is "showrunning" his new webcomic. I had no idea that Kevin Church was so busy, and in such demand, that he would need to reduce his role to that of an executive producer. As for the strip itself, I guess it was okay for something I didn't have to pay to read. I've had my fill of comics about comics, though, so there's an uphill battle to maintain my interest. (Yes, I recognize the irony, this being a blog about blogs.)

-Have I ever mentioned that there's something about Johanna Draper Carlson that rubs me the wrong way? Probably not, since this is my third entry. Even if I agree with her points--which I don't, in this case--there's just something about the way she says the things she says. I thought she behaved particularly badly during the recent Valarie D'Orazio affair, grinding her axe down to the handle. (You guys know that D'Orazio is still posting to her blog, right? Well worth reading.) I don't think she does any better here.

And speaking of Riot--if the entire blogosphere could be distilled into one person, and that person chose to open a comics store, I would guess that hypothetical person would run the store like Riot was allegedly operated. I say "allegedly" because I've never been to central Pennsylvania, and I do not aspire to ever do so. I guess coal miners just aren't into Acme Novelty Library.

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