Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The ballad of Dick Hates Your Blog (April 4, 2007, Madison)

-I feel somehow I've let you down. Clearly there are corners of the internet (namely Live Journal) I'm not sufficiently plugged into, cause I missed the big Mark Waid meltdown. And now you've all probably read about it on the Newsarama Blog or at Comics Should Be Good. Linkblogging's a loser's game, it mesmerizes, can't explain...

Seriously though, what the fuck is going on with the 52 writers? I mean Waid is Waid; he's always challenging someone to fistfights of some type. (My advice to anyone who choses to oblige Mr. Waid--clinch, throw elbows. Open him up and he'll fold like an accordion. Finish him with knees or ground and pound, depending on your local AC's regulations.) We've already covered Rucka. Johns is becoming more Johns-ian every month--extreme violence, extreme Roy Thomas-isms abound. Also, I get the feeling that he's probably about to move into the movie/TV industry full-time. Worst of all, Morrison seems to be bailing on the Wildstorm re-launch, plus All-Star Superman is on the Bryan Hitch schedule. He's coasting on reputation on Batman. What happened to Morrison? Is he on the wrong kind of drugs now? Maybe 52 is the real loser's game.

More later today, probably.


Chris said...

If that weren't bad enough, apparently Morrison is going to write the screenplay for the movie version of the shoot-the-alien game Area 51.


How do you go from 7 Soldiers to crappy Hollywood adaptations of cliche-ridden light-gun games?

Oh. Right. Money. 10-4.

Dan Coyle said...

When I read freakouts like Waid's these days, I wonder:

Am I supposed to feel sorry for this creator?

because, you know, I have a friend whose father is dying of cancer that deserves my pity a lot more. There's only so much mental anguish that goes around.

Steven E. McDonald asking for civility from Waid is hilarious, though.