Monday, January 28, 2008

Advice sought

-Best of 2007 meta-list update: The list is done, and has been for a while, but I'm still waiting on the relevant issue of the Comics Journal to hit so I can include all the lists included therein. But my understanding is that the issue in question won't be out until February. Will all of you still care by then? Should I just go ahead and release the current list, and add in the rest later? Please let me know what you think.

-Has DC finally managed to out-hype Marvel with the barrage of Wonder Woman-centric articles hitting newpapers and the internet lately? Granted, some of those pieces probably have little to do with DC's marketing department, but the much detested original was clearly motivated by the recent work by Gail Simone and Jodi Picoult on Wonder Woman. When you throw in the recent Wonder Woman in Playboy controversy (which reached unprecedented heights of lunacy here), it's likely that a number of people (like me) who lead lives which are generally free of Wonder Woman-related thoughts have now spending a few seconds thinking about the character. What exactly DC/Time Warner will gain from this is unclear, given that studio executives seem a little antsy about committing to a Wonder Woman movie.* And what any of this has to do with the increasing numbers of women as creating and reading comics is even less clear. In any event, Heidi MacDonald has the best take on all this.

*Surely I'm not alone in thinking that Marvel's incessant pushing of Captain America to the mainstream press has something to do with attempts to raise the character's public profile, so as to make the inevitable Captain America movie a bigger deal than, say, the upcoming Iron Man film.

-It's quite a relief to see that Achewood is back to, you know, being Achewood again. It's also a good reminder to be thankful that Florida isn't one of the places I might be moving to in the near future. I mean, there are arguably worse options on the table, but at least it's not Florida.

-The problem with staying up late watching old heavy metal videos: sometimes you get songs like this one stuck in your head:

The funny/tragic thing is, I don't even like "good" Kiss. On the other hand, I also saw this, which is was good fun:

Ah, the days when speed metal guitarists could shift between looking like Lemmy and some dude from Slaughter all in the same video. And it's interesting to hear a thrash song where the bass carries the melody at certain points (specifically the chorus). I should really get around to listening to more Overkill one of these days.


James said...

Just to throw in my vote on your meta-list, I'll still care by then. But if a lot of people won't, then you should do what you were considering, release what you have so far and update it later.

MarkAndrew said...

Isn't the Comics Journal supposed to be eight times a year? The Jeffery Brown issue has been out for a while.

Dick Hyacinth said...

I think it's changing to a quarterly release schedule to go with its reformatting. That might be completely wrong, though.

Superlime said...

Do it yourself, Dick! Forge your own path!

Matthew J. Brady said...

I say post the list, then update it later if you want. But that's just because I'm impatient for it to show up.

As for TCJ being late, I think Dirk said it's due to a new printer in Asia and delays in shipping/customs, or something like that. It's still supposed to be, uh, bi-quarterly.

MarkAndrew said...

Oh. And list now, please.