Tuesday, September 11, 2007


The illness seems mostly gone, aside from a few lingering symptoms. Unfortunately, there seems to be a zero sum game in our household re: colds, because my wife is sick now. I'm afraid that this means that I'll get sick again as her condition improves. Maybe we'll play ping pong with this cold until we can lure some poor sucker into the apartment, then kick him out as soon as he's received the Hyacinth Domestic Virus. Or perhaps we can give it to the cats.

Anyway, I've done almost no comics-related internet reading lately. I've been on the internet fleetingly, but I've spent most of that time looking at stuff related to MMA and the NFL, since sporting events are time sensitive in a way that comics generally are not. I've also been reading Douglas Wolk's book, which seems like it might finally be generating some conversations on the internet. This would be an improvement over the shit I was reading immediately before I got sick, but somehow I don't think the people arguing Marvel vs. DC are the same ones considering Grant Morrison's ability to write for his artists, even though they're precisely the ones who could most stand to consider such questions.

Also I should point out that my schedule's just gone through another massive change, and I'm not sure how it's going to affect this blog yet. Well, I can say that posts probably will retain or increase their current frequency. And yes, I'm still planning to do more on Liefeld. I was just afraid of the potential bio-feedback that would result from mixing New Mutants with cold medication. Maybe it would have made for a better reading experience, but it would have violated the scientific principles that govern my writing at this blog. If anyone else wants to borrow the idea, though, I'm happy to let it go.

More later today or tomorrow.

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