Friday, December 21, 2007

I guess I'm taking off for a while too

I mean, not too long or anything. I'll be back doing this next week for sure. Might even post my non-comics best of lists at some point this weekend--I'm nearly done writing it. It's probably a good time to take a break, since I don't expect to see much going on in the blogosphere over the next four or five days. I'm surprised things have been as busy as they have. I was especially surprised* to read that Blogorama is aflame with keyboard skirmishes in the comments fields. Don't you people have better things to be doing? Actually, that's probably it--these angry comment-leavers are likely the types who are experiencing holiday-related anxiety. Possibly induced by visiting relatives who ask if they're still into those silly comic books, and why aren't you married yet? You're such a nice looking boy. Maybe if you'd just dress nicer and get your hair cut and AAAAAH SHUT UP GRANDMA! I HATE YOU ALL!!!


If anybody wants me I'll be watching cartoons with the kids.


So please, all you sociopathic types: please find something to keep yourself busy during this stressful time of the year. I recommend getting drunk and pirating some comics. Doesn't matter which ones--download some you already have, if you can't think of anything. Pretend Dan Didio is your verbally abusive grandmother. It's all part of the healing process.

For everyone else, I hope you have a good time doing whatever you do on Christmas and the surrounding days. Try not to yell at the TV too much.

*That's actually sort of a lie, since one of the first things I read on Blogorama this morning was a comment where someone called another person a "douche" for misinterpreting the latest issue of Green Lantern. Oh wait, sorry--for misinterpreting an advertisement in the latest issue of Green Lantern. Merry Christmas!


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