Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Some of you are making me feel depressed on your behalf

-Hey, it's kind of officially summer now! What does that mean for you, gentle readers? More erratic posting schedules! Some days where I don't even have time to post! And probably some other things!

And let me just say, I was really saddened by the number of posts that came in over the holiday weekend (non-Americans excused, of course). Don't you people have anything better to do? Were any of you actually reading blogs this weekend? I wasn't and now I've got an enormous backlog of wacky scans and assorted other bullshit to wade through. Thanks a lot, fuckers.

-This post makes me think that DC editors in the 90s were exposed to some gases detrimental to brain cells, perhaps via an dangerously outdated air duct system or something. Geez, what's not to get? And frankly, I don't get the disgust at "Mary Provost," which I mostly just find funny. It does gross out my wife, but at least she likes funny cat pictures. (Wait...does this mean my wife shares two separate similarities with Johanna Draper Carlson? I really need to ask her what she thinks of young girls reading superhero comics.)

-Not that anyone's asking for my take, but I do think Matt Brady (Newsarama version) was a total weasel in the latest Joe Fridays thing. I'm reminded of the recent series of Newsarama interviews with the 52 creators, in which interviewer Vaneta Rogers referred to negative fan reaction as "unfortunate." Maybe this is the new interviewing protocol at Newsarama--mention criticism so that powerful figure can dismiss it, then praise this dismissal as just and wise. Maybe Newsarama is more like Wizard than I thought! Blogorama folks, be prepared to start preparing features on which robot babe is the most boobalicious!

-Isn't it about time for another mind-numbing convention, full of infuriating "news" and absolutely revolting preview art? Is anyone planning on going to any conventions? If so, will you please do all us convention-phobes a favor and put DiDio and Quesada on the spot for all the stupid shit they've pulled recently? Extra super bonus points for anyone who can do so in a creative way. I've got an extra copy of Pyongyang that I might be wiling to give away to an especially enterprising young lad or lass.

Speaking of conventions, I looked at these photos (and the other two sets, and we might as well throw in these Star Wars nerdstravaganza photos) and thought Thank God I'm Not There (And if You're Listening, J/Y-Dog, Could You Please See To It That I Never Have To Attend One Of These Things, No Matter What Nature of Fan Might Be In Attendance?).

-Eh, that's enough for now. I've still got like almost 60 entries I haven't plowed through yet. You guys need to change your compulsively blogging ways and find something else to do with your time (and I don't mean dressing like popular intellectual properties and cavorting with people dressed like intellectual properties from the same intellectual property pantheon).


bitterandrew said...

We have our differences, Dick, but I'm with you on "Mary Provost," it's a beautiful mix of pathos and farce.

bitterandrew said...

Come to think of it, is it "Mary" or "Marie"? I've seen it both ways.

Anonymous said...

For the record, Matt Brady's question was this: "How about the Heroes for Hire #13? This has caused some controversy of its own, with some people likening it to a very unsavory recurring element in some more adult-themed manga?"

Matt's only crime seems to be that he didn't want to say "tentacle rape" in the follow. Oh, the horror.

Dick Hyacinth said...

Brady completely let him off the hook. It's his response that everyone's upset about:

"Well, you correctly identified the “unsavory” element we were referring to…just one of those absurd phrases (though it exists)."

He's putting the onus on the critics by calling the term "absurd," though I think I first heard of it back in my pre-internet days (the mid 90s, when I was still in high school). Plus he completely lets Quesada off the hook--"they said it, not me, so let's let the matter go." If Matt Brady doesn't care about the issue, then it certainly lowers my opinion of Newsarama.

Andrew, I'd respond about Nick Lowe, etc., but I need to get on to bed, like right now. But yes, I think we generally have pretty similar tastes in music--just different ways of expressing it. That's kind of an understatement, I guess.

Joe Rice said...

Once I was at a comic convention, kind of excited to maybe get some sketches from artists there I liked. Then I saw an entire family of fat people, each dressed as Thor.

My depression was palpable. I've not been back to a con (other than MoCCA, which hardly counts) since.

Matt Brady said...

Geez, Joe, seeing that would be the highlight of my month.

By the way, Dick, who is J/Y-dog? Jesus/Yahweh?