Monday, May 7, 2007

My proper legacy (take notes if you need to)

-I hope everyone had a good Free Comic Book Day. I know I did--I stayed at home because fuck crowds. Also, I was able to get the free stuff a few days early--except that a great many of the things I was interested in reading were already gone! So I came away with Unseen Peanuts and the Spider-Man thing. The former was great, but I think I've promised my copy to my brother. The latter was fine, but ultimately kind of disposable, which I guess is appropriate given the nature of FCBD.

-Comics Should Be Good has an entirely new links page, this time featuring descriptions (which is a nice feature which I encourage others to follow). Here's what Brian Cronin (I assume) said about this place:

Dick Hates Your Blog
- Mocking people who blog about comics. A very fun look at the comic blogoverse.

This is the blogoverse equivalent of "a fun romp." Come on. In the short life of this blog (I think it's like 3 or 4 months old), I've given you:

-A controversial discussion of the place of 1970s American comics in the history of the medium
-Rock solid data indicating that comics fans really hate Joe Quesada
-Repeated (and sadly unsuccessful) efforts to bring ADD back into the fold
-Reviews of food sold at Trader Joe's
-Heated, thought-provoking debate over the correct definition of "triage"
-Hard-hitting exposes of which bloggers casually use the word "chicken head" and their profound explanations for doing so ("RU feminist LOL")
-Preliminary efforts to set up an NHB superfight between Mark Waid and Dan Coyle (current status: we're looking for a state with no athletic commission and a big nerd population with significant disposable income)
-A good soup recipe
-Gratuitous Rucka baiting
-An audacious new plan to make every comic free, every day of the year, by instituting an "everyone works for free" policy
-Probably some other stuff

This is dead serious, industry-revolutionizing, paradigm-obliterating stuff. It's not "Dick's fun romp through the blogosphere." I expect a new description by the end of the week.

-I missed out on this Asorbascon (NIM) post about "groovy" and "not groovy." It showed up in my RSS/feed/whatever reader thing, but the post appears to be gone now. Unfortunately, the pictures didn't come through, so I have no idea what things are "groovy" and which are not. It's all the more frustrating because he seemed to be bagging on somebody or something:

"Paul Winchell + Gary Owens + Mel Blanc + Paul Lynde = groovy.
Desperate attempt to capitalize in an absurdist fashion on things that weren't groovy to begin with = not groovy."

I know its (ugh) "Groovy Chick Month" at the Asorbascon (NIM), but I'm still stumped on this one. Somebody help me out! The only reason I follow this blog is to see Scipio talking shit!! I have no interest in what kind of toothpaste Batman uses on Earth-2 vs. Earth-1!!!

-The Harlan Ellison/Gary Groth/sundry supporters and sycophants BIG DEBATE at the Beat was truly depressing, mostly because I look at Ellison's rabid dog prose, consider my own prolix tendencies, and wonder, "Is this my future?" But then again, I guess Ellison had written that episode of Star Trek with the Romans or the gangsters or the Nazis or whatever when he was basically my age, whereas I've only managed to write a dozen or so full-length Babylon 5 fan fiction novels. So maybe I'm safe. Also: "It's not a First Amendment case because the CBLDF would be covering it if it was" is the worst argument I've heard in a while.* Also also: Didn't Ellison get outsmarted by the guys from Penny Arcade? I mean, if so, it's really kind of sad.

*To his credit, Ellison did not make this argument, but one of his fans/Groth's enemies did.


Dan Coyle said...

Since I live in Philadelphia, let's stage the fight at Wizard World Philly. I already have images of myself beaten, bloody, stumbling across the squared circle, as Waid wins by decision, while i scream "JULIYAAAAA!"

Man, how long are we gonna stretch this joke out?

Dick Hyacinth said...

Pennsylvania just legalized MMA, so I doubt we can push this fight through without some serious wheel greasing (and if I had funds for buying wheel grease, then we wouldn't be having this conversation). I guess Delaware is a possibility, but the best bet would be a reservation. Is there one nearby?

Also, we keep stretching out this joke until Waid challenges me to a fistfight. I doubt he's heard of this blog, so it might be a while.

Todd C. Murry said...

I don't know if you have me on your RSS/feed/whatever reader thing, but you shamed me into starting blog posting again, damn you. By making me a highly visable history buddy (I was never a joiner, but whiskey tango foxtrot, right), I was forced to realize that I had not only not posted in a year, but that after a string of decent reviews and opinion posts right before, my last post was some dreadful drivel about Survivor. I needed to start posting again so that people coming to you to find out what fool thing Greg Rucka's done now might accidentally click over and shake their head at my secret shame. Imagine, people who read comics looking down on me. The horror, the horror.

Anywhay, I think triage is a word like pornography that can take on a meaning outside of its initial intended scope, but I'm with you on fuck crowds.

You should make the Babylon 5 novels available. I'm with you. I would try to post the show bibles I've written for my complete assortment of A-Team "solo skeins" (inspired by the Kiss solo albums - "Face the Face" was the best, I think) but I doubt they'd make much sense without the 1:70 scale model dioramas I've built for the pitches.

I'm sorry the interweb isn't taking you seriously. If it helps you sleep better, approximately 20% of what you write is wrong, and quite offensive.

Dave said...

So Tycho and I are up in front of the audience with Harlen, and Hank (the con organizer) presents us with some jester hats (“Fool’s caps”). Tycho and I put ours on because we are polite, but Harlen - who is apparently too cool for school - refuses to wear his. I turn to him and say, “Don’t you want your hat?” and he tells me to fuck off... I turn to him and I say, “While I’ve got you here I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Star Wars stuff you wrote.”

Those are the highlights, but there's some pretty funny stuff on there aside from that.

Dan Coyle said...

Dick: oh, Waid has heard of you. If he hasn't, I'm sure there's a syncophant out there just waiting to tell him.


I think we should have a training montage with me as Rocky and Scott Lobdell as Apollo Creed.

Brack said...

I would hazard a guess that the Asorbacon comment is about Adult Swim appropriation of "classic" HB characters.

Dick Hyacinth said...

The real tragedy is that I like a great deal of Mark Waid's work. Well, it's not really a tragedy, but I don't think it's irony either.

Brack, if he is referring to Hanna Barbara characters, isn't he a little late to the party? The last time I checked, Adult Swim wasn't running any of those appropriated HB character cartoons. Maybe it's an old post he accidentally re-published. The wait continues.

Dan Coyle said...

The real tragedy is Mark Waid is enormously talented... we just see it less and less these days.

Brack said...

A bit of detective work on IMDB says that whatever Scipio was talking about has to do with "The Perils Of Penelope Pitstop" as that was the only thing that those 4 actors appeared in together. And Penelope Pitstop would certainly fit in with his current thread of "Groovy Chicks".

So his target of curmudgeonliness is probably not my first guess of Adult Swim.

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