Friday, November 30, 2007

Complaining about people complaining on the old complainosphere


Civil War/Death of Cap is still dumbest story this CENTURY, CLone Saga is dumbest story EVER, but this whole Ooops Another Day thing is yet another cake made of turds delivered on a Fuck You platter by Joey the Q.

Way to go, pork-vacuum, you managed to make Marvel 100% in a single 18-month period. Not only did Joey the Q ruin *new* Marvel for me, but his recent shit has so tainted Marvel for me that I can’t even read the decades of old stuff I had. HAD. I got rid of ALL of it.

Stupid fucking crap.

-someone using the tasteful pseudonym Quesada, Quesadilla, Same Shit, Different Name.

Ah yes. I mean, I'm not sure whether or not to take the comment literally--it seems highly unlikely that (a) someone would actually sell all their accumulated Marvel back issues based on two stories. But then again, I find it incredibly hard to believe that (b) someone would feel that every Marvel comic ever had been ruined by these two aforementioned stories. If (b) is true, then maybe (a) is true as well. I don't know. I don't have a background in aberrant psychology.

I'm genuinely surprised that anyone that easily set off by two discrete events would have any accumulation of comics anyway--stupid shit like this happens all the time (just look at the other comments on that thread!). Of course, it's also possible that this is a 15 year old kid for whom these are the first in a lifetime worth of moments of disillusion with Marvel/DC comics, in which case YAY COMICS ARE ATTRACTING AN ENTIRELY NEW GENERATION OF PEOPLE TO MAKE FUN OF JOE QUESADA'S NAME!!! It's a great sign for the overall health of the industry, clearly. Unless this dude* is just downloading stuff. Actually, that makes a lot of sense--it's probably much easier to clear a hard drive knowing that you can just re-download it all again when you've calmed down. This might be the third or fourth time this has happened, even.

Having said all that, this does sound pretty stupid. Which is kind of the status quo for Spider-Man. Is there any other superhero comic with as yawning a chasm between the quality of the peak work and the quality of everything since? I'm not talking about zenith vs. nadir here, but zenith vs. the non-zenith mean. The Stern/first DeFalco era was pretty good, largely due to the Hobgoblin as a mystery villain, but nothing else really stands out. Post-Gwen Stacy death, is there really anything worthwhile besides the introduction of a new costume and a couple of new villains? Fantastic Four has done much, much better by comparison.

*Meant in an entirely gender-neutral way, naturally.

-Also worth noting on the Comics Should Be Good comment-leaving front: some guy somehow manage to get all worked up by Greg Burgas' annual take on Wizard's year in review type issue. Or maybe that's sarcasm. I have no idea. It's either sarcasm or ad hominem, and either one seems pretty likely on the internet. One thing I can rule out: it's not a teenage kid, considering this guy apparently is associated with Platinum. (Yes, I Googled the name. No, it didn't help me determine whether said comment was a sad joke or a regular joke.)

(I though Burgas' post was pretty funny, FWIW. I haven't read Wizard in years, so it's good to hear a detailed description of an issue's contents, just so to confirm that I can continue using it as a symbol for a certain type of fanboy mentality. Also, it's interesting to see that so many people basically found 300 as boring as I did. The film's politics are so horrifying that it's easy to forget that it sucked in a variety of other ways as well.)

-Also worth noting for fans of reactionary goofiness: this.


MarkAndrew said...

Worth pointing out. Quesadilla is at least two different people, and I have a feeling he's the same guy who was having a four man conversation with himself in a previous thread.

In other words: If I had the MPD, I'd probably freak out about crap like this, too.

And I like the last comment. "You've dismissed the entire Spectrum of Comics, from Green Lantern to Captain America!"

Made me laugh then, makes me laugh when I see it reprinted here.

You know, I feel kind of bad calling our comment-taters dumnb behind their backs.

But on the other hand: Jesus Christ.

Dan Coyle said...

I found the original 300 comic ideologically offensive enough, but the visuals of Snyder's film were so oppressively stark I got a severe headache 20 minutes in and had to turn it off.

Nick! said...

If we're talking Spider-Man, I actually really liked "Kraven's Last Hunt".

At the time, it seemed like a pretty brave piece for a mainstream comic to be going with - not just the depression and subsequent suicide of a major villain, but the storytelling techniques that we got beaten to death with in the nineties.

There was another spot-on multi-parter soon after, I think, probably written by Ann Nocenti with covers by Bill Sienkiewicz, set in an asylum.

But you're right... there are only the tiniest islands of quality in an absolute ocean of anti-awesome Spider-Man stories.

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